Conoce los proyectos que realizamos en colaboración con nuestros voluntarios, aliados y fundaciones.

Rasa Joven voluntariado en Perú


Teaching and Defense of Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Young mothers of Huanchaquito, La Libertad – Peru.

Rasa Joven voluntariado en Perú

Young Watchful Citizens

Young people have presented very interesting profiles of development projects, which could become axes of local economic development.

Rasa Joven - Proyecto Bolsa Emprende

Bolsa Emprende

Generation of innovative business opportunities through a Regional Youth Entrepreneurs Exchange in La Libertad and Ancash.

Rasa Joven voluntariado en Perú

Young Cultural Managers

Living Itinerant Library: It consists of the organization of reading animation events by young people who dance in the streets, already trained and sensitized as cultural managers. Organization of cultural book management clubs. Installation of mini neighborhood libraries from a Book Donation and Autographed Campaign. Cooperating Source: Cooperación Belga – Embajada de Bélgica en Perú

Rasa Joven - Proyecto Ecojuventud - Trujillo Perú


The ECOJUVENTUD project consists of the improvement of housing through street art and youth policies.

Rasa Joven - Proyecto Biblioteca Viva - Huanchaco Trujillo Perú

Living Library

Reading animation and text comprehension workshops were held with the children of the Huamachuco neighborhood and hamlet, Trujillo, La Libertad – Peru.

Casita de Madera

Casita de Madera provides a basic food and preparation service to children from 1 to 5 years of age with limited resources.

Rasa Joven - Interjoven Cultural

Interjoven Cultural

Improvement of productive technical capacities of young Awajun and Wampis in Amazonas.