Rasa Joven - Proyecto Ecojuventud - Trujillo Perú


Develop artistic skills in young people to socially and occupationally insert their locality promoting their ecological human settlements as an urban and sustainable tourist destination; beginning its execution in May 2015 and ending in November 2017.


Urban youth immersed in street art in the Districts of Esperanza and Huanchaco - La Libertad, Perú

Más información:

The ECOJUVENTUD project consists of the improvement of housing through street art and youth policies.


  • Implementation of policies for urban improvement and social integration of youth at risk.
  • Identification and selection of youth according to dance talent and district youth insertion policies.
  • Development of artistic and business skills for young people in urban art choreography for tourists in exchange for work in their community.
  • Integration of young people in urban planning, home improvement, promotion of ecological human settlements with the support of urban architecture volunteers.

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