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Develop technical productive capacities in young people, especially Awajun and Wampis women to promote food security, participatory environmental monitoring with an emphasis on water, and the generation of indigenous community businesses for local business and ethnotourism.


Awajun and Wampis youth, primarily women, boys and girls from the Amazon Region - Peru

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Improvement of technical productive capacities of young Awajun and Wampis for food security, water monitoring and generation of communal companies of specialized services and ethnotourism in Amazonas.


Productive technical training for youth:

  • a)  Agriculture, livestock, civil culture and fishing.
  • b) Management of conflicts with mining.
  • c) Artistic, tourist and cultural activities.

Agricultural diversification, fish farms and bio-gardens for the food security of malnourished children.

Environmental monitoring with emphasis on water, to directly control the water resource, biodiversity conservation against the actions of mining and hydrocarbons.

Creation of communal companies to provide specialized services to large companies and ethnotourism in the region.

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