Young Cultural Managers

Rasa Joven voluntariado en Perú


Contribute to improving the educational level and national identity, promoting reading habits in children through a space for rapprochement between young people at social risk with the local living culture.


Local youth, entry-level boys and girls, community families and cultural organizations from Paramonga - Lima.

Más información:

1. School of youth improvement in modern choreography, design and body expression in dance.
2. Workshops on self-esteem, leadership, Graffiti of values and dramatic art for the staging of texts.
3. Training teachers as reading promoters.
4. Elaboration of a compendium of ethnographic stories about the history and folklore of Paramonga.

  1. Living Itinerant Library: It consists of the organization of reading animation events by young people who dance in the streets, already trained and sensitized as cultural managers.
  2. Organization of cultural book management clubs.
  3. Installation of mini neighborhood libraries from a Book Donation and Autographed Campaign.

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